Eastern Super Regionals!

Last week we had the honor of participating in the first ever FTC Eastern Super Regionals in York, PA. We had a blast! We arrived on Thursday to set up our super green pit, go through inspections, and talk to the judges. It was really exciting to get our first hairspray “customers” as well :D On Friday we won 6 out of our 8 qualifier matches and got to go to the team social that night. It was really fun…and they gave us ice cream! On Saturday, after finishing our last qualifier and ending up in 7th place, we were the very last team picked in alliance selection. Team 6051 Quantum Mechanics was gracious enough to pick us, as well as team 6081 I2Robotics. Our alliance fought hard, but unfortunately 2 out of the 3 robots broke throughout our matches and we were not able to continue past semi finals. We were 26th in line to qualify for worlds and 25 teams qualified. Although it was a painful loss, we had a great time, and you may just see us in St Louis…

The team with Woodie! (and a Minnie MASHer)

                                     The team with Woodie! (and a Minnie MASHer)





Icebreakers-Team of the Week

This week’s team of the week is team 4183 the Icebreakers. We met them at Super Regionals this past week and wow they were inspiring. While spraying their hair with hair dye, they told us they don’t really care how they do in the actual competition. They said they care more about spirit and connecting to the community. We were partnered up with them in a match and the whole time they cheered our alliance on. They got their message across to the judges because they won the Connect Award at the Eastern Super Regionals! They truly know the values of FIRST and FTC! Congrats and good luck at worlds!



At the Eastern Super Regionals we are planning on hosting  two events. Similar to last year at worlds we are hosting a Button Pageant. Teams will submit buttons (by when pits close on Friday) for our team to pick the best buttons. Winners will be announced Saturday. On Thursday and Friday morning we are providing a hair spray dye service. We purchased multiple hair colors and we will spray teams hair, the only price is we would like to spray one spot green. We also have a robot for charging your phone if you are low on battery.

We can’t wait to see everyone. Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor.


Team 7423 Flaming Phoenixes- Team of the Week

Our newest team of the week is the Flaming Phoenixes! They are a rookie team from Pennsylvania. We met them at the start of the season at our brainstorming session and they have been inspiring us ever since. They’re full of team spirit and they’ve won our favorite award, the Motivate award, at multiple competitions! Good luck next year, Flaming Phoenixes!

A Weekend of Championships

This past weekend we participated in not one but two state championships! On Saturday we went to Pennsylvania States. We won 3 out of our 5 matches and were nominated for the Motivate award and the PTC design award. Unfortunately we couldn’t qualify for super regionals at PA like we had hoped, however New Jersey was a slightly different story.pa states

The next day, Sunday, we headed to New Jersey States. We were undefeated until our very last match in the qualifiers which left us in 1st place in our division, Parkway. We selected team 4347 Nanogurus and team 247 The Game to make up our awesome alliance. Unfortunately we lost in the semi finals. We were nominated for the Connect award but our hope for super regionals had pretty much run out when we didn’t win any awards. Lucky for us, the highest ranked team that hadn’t won an award (MOE) got an invitation to super regionals!! We’re so excited that our season isn’t over and we can’t wait to see everyone in April! Good job to all the incredible teams that competed at PA and NJ!

FLL Team 5995 ThunderMinds- Team of the Week

Team ThunderMinds is an all-girl, homeschool team from Northern Delaware. Our team member Emma has been mentoring them since she graduated from the team and joined MOE. They recently competed at the Delaware FLL State Championship and did really well! They won the Robot Design: Strategy and Innovation award. They’re a great team and we’re eager to see them compete again next year! Check out their website at  http://weather4.weebly.com/

Team 395 Robauktics-Team of the Week

This week’s team of the week is our good friends, team 395 Robauktics. They are a local Delaware team and at the Delaware State tournament we selected them to be our alliance partner. We were very happy to work with a great group of kids from Delaware. We even made it to the finals with them. They have also been at multiple of our outreach events and they have constantly supported us. We hope to see them at future outreach events and we hope they continue to have a good season.

Delaware States

This past Saturday we got to compete down in Dover, Delaware for the Delaware State Competition! It was a blast. At first we were disappointed that the competition wasn’t being held at the Bob Carpenter Center like it has been for years, but the new location was still nice and we all agreed that it was less intimidating. The day started out well with a great interview session and we never lost our MOEmentum. We were undefeated and in first place for most of the day until we lost our last qualifying match. We finished in fourth place which meant that we were alliance captains. We chose team 395 Robauktics and team 4077 MASH. We made a great alliance! We made it all the way to the finals and held out until the very last match, which we unfortunately lost.IMG_7747

We were very excited to see how well all of the rookie teams did, especially the teams that we had the opportunity to help throughout the season. We couldn’t be prouder of Bad News Bots, the Flaming Phoenixes, Bionic Builders, and the EngiNerds :D

Double hang with Bad News Bots!

Double hang with Bad News Bots!